Stunning Food @extraordinary Ambience

We are relentless in moving boundaries on Taste and carry out this spirited attitude into Quality Concern. Taste that engage, inspire and make you come back. Make you curious.

We believe in coming up with original ideas of Lounge and turning them into the real existence of Aligarh that is both Comfortable and Tasty. Taking on thought-provoking interiors that challenge us creatively and make us go the extra mile is what we consider a way of enjoying Stunning food with extraordinary Ambience.

Taking on thought-provoking Dishes that challenge us creatively and make us go the extra mile is what we consider a way of serving you with the best.

Sky Deck Lounge

With great pleasure and delight, we dedicate the first lounge of the city to all Aligarh residents. For the last several years, our city has remarkable progress in the food and hospitality industry. Skydeck is an important stage in that episode. Skydeck’s thinking and the prologue were put forward one year ago by two youth from the city itself.

The determination and idea were to provide a place to our city, where the interior decoration matches the global world and the food is classy. After studying the famous spots of the famous cities of the country, the SkyDeck team was given very closely the main parameters to their amenities.

Filled with multi-colors, this lounge has four small and fully air-conditioned partitions called ‘Cabana’ along with an open sky seating facility. You will be able to sit under the sky and see the breathtaking view of the city, as well as enjoy the sweet music and delicious dishes. For small and family parties, A large cabana hall of people is also available. There is also a separate restaurant for Fine-Dine. A different and special section for children to play is also designed to give their best area time.

On the weekend, evening live music night is also organized which is only for family and couples. On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the view of Skydeck is very attractive and self-clicking.

Our Amenities.

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Fine Dine Lounge

Private Lounge for Get Together

Luxurious Open Sky Garden

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City-Skyview Mini-Cabanas

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